Sunday, November 21, 2010

Gidget Turned One!

It may have been a dreary and drizzly day, but we were having a partay at our house! Miss Gidget turned one year old yesterday and we had lots of fun.
Friends and family gathered to celebrate the sweet 34 pound pup that has stolen our hearts. She raced in the rain, played catch with the kids and munched on every treat that she could get her sweet little paws on. Ben and I agreed that we were not going to say "no" on this special day. She didn't take advantage of us, but poor Ben nearly killed his arm from throwing the ball over and over and over again for nearly 4 hours straight! As for me, I let her snuggle really close in bed and nuzzle her furry little bottom onto my face basically suffocating me. What was I to do??? I couldn't push her off, because it was her day!
Anyways, Gidget looked bigger this morning. We were positive that she grew another few inches and put on a few more pounds, but it wasn't true. By breakfast we realized that she was the same little puppy and we were just love-struck parents. 
Now that we have professed our love to our pooch and spoiled her rotten, we realize that we might have taken it a bit too far. Oh well, she has yet to chew a pair of shoes or do anything too naughty so it was only fair to spoil her and reward her for making this past year a wonderful one for our little family. 

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