Thursday, September 23, 2010

A is for Absolutely Amazing!!!

Not just because my name starts with A, but more specifically, because I LOVE "A" RESTAURANT!
Everybody has their "place" and A has become mine. Over the past year, I have befriended the staff and sat along their comfortably dark bar way too many times to count. The back-story behind the iconic Newport Beach location aside, the restaurant has so much to offer. This establishment has slowly grown it's following over the years. With the collaboration of a group of creative and diverse owners, A caters to various crowds. The menu will satisfy foodies and the ambiance welcomes diners from the original Arches restaurant to young people of the workforce, like myself.
The happy hour is my heaven. From 3 to 7, everything is half price...everything!!! You can order a Belvedere martini with freshly stuffed blue cheese olives or a simple brew. All drinks are discounted. They even offer champagne by the glass! (Veuve to boot!)
If you are in the mood for a sampling of appetizers, here are just a few of the popular offerings: spicy tuna over crunchy eggplant slices, calamari drizzled with a sweet asian aioli, mixed cheese and charcuterie plates, fresh oysters and the failsafe, the A burger. (Recently voted one of Orange County's Top Ten Burgers.) 
Stop into A for any group that wants to nosh on delectable food, while enjoying a peaceful ambiance over good drinks.
Other notable happy hours include Caneletto Ristorante Veneto at Fashion Island, Tommy Bahama's Island Grille, The Bungalow and Rusty Pelican.

Sparkles for Less

I'm going to let you in on a little secret of diamond studs aren't real. 
I might have told you they were somewhere along the line, so I apologize for not telling the truth. On the same note, didn't your mother teach you it isn't nice to ask people questions like that! LOL
My earrings are unbelievably great quality for cubic zirconium stones. Unfortunately, the key to great looking "fake" jewelry is typically the setting...and gold can be expensive. By no means were my studs cheap. Believe it or not, they were upwards of $250! The good news is that I've had my earrings for 5+ years and they remain to look flawless. 
Over this past weekend, Ben and I went to Vegas. As we were walking through the Palazzo Shoppes at The Venetian hotel. I stumbled across the Erwin Pearl boutique. Erwin Pearl is the magnificent designer that created my earrings. His work offers deceivingly stunning costume jewelry set in quality metals for everlasting elegance. I begged and pleaded with Ben for a tennis bracelet that caught my eye as we were passing. It was only $165!!! I was in love! As vain as that sounds, I admit to loving fashionable things, especially when the price tag doesn't break the bank! 
This piece of jewelry wasn't set in white gold, like my first Erwin Pearl purchase, but the salesperson promised that the sterling silver would remain looking fabulous for many years to come. (She even gave me a secret cleaning tip: toothbrush, toothpaste and warm water.)
If I may advise one little thing about wearing cubic zirconium jewelry...mix it in with other things. Preferably diamonds would be the best, but nonetheless, any mixture of real stones can camouflage even the "fake" jewelry that might not be as convincing as Erwin Pearl. 

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Vegas, Baby!!!

The beauty of asking for something is that the worst thing that could happen is a simple "no."
Just recently, Ben said that he wanted to run away for a day and relish in the fact that we don't have kids yet. Where better to do this that sin city! Other than sitting on the beaches of Hawaii, our dream getaway would be laying by the pool with the intermittent gambling or visit to the sports book for fantasy football. 
We called Club Grazie at the Venetian Hotel and asked if they were offering any complimentary nights. A friendly lady answered the phone and said "Yes," they were! And, she gave us an additional $25 of free slot play with stay. 
Ben and I are rushing to pack our things, find a sitter for Gidget, our puppy, and hit the road! The goal is to drive over the desert horizon and see the strip silhouette by the second half of this mornings football games. Wish us luck!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Firemen, Fashion and Free Lunch

And did I mention that it was all for a good cause!?!
I've been involved with the Glass Slipper Guild for a few years now. The group is composed of women throughout the community who raise money for the Neuroscience Institute at the Children's Hospital of Orange County (CHOC). Our group definitely tries to put the "fun" into fundraising. In addition to sending mass mailers requesting donations, we plan events throughout the year to make giving money to our philanthropy more enjoyable than just cutting a check.
Bloomingdale's is generously hosting a luncheon and fashion show this Saturday, September 18th at noon. The hottest fall fashions will be modeled by local heroes of the Newport Beach Fire Department. After the event, a percentage of all purchases will be given back to the Glass Slipper Guild, so this type of shopping doesn't even need an excuse! (Ben, my husband, doesn't let me get away with this reasoning, but I still

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Promo Codes

Can we take a moment to appreciate Google? I mean really!!!
I try to refrain from online shopping, but it is truly hard to avoid when there are so many online deals. Besides the promotions that you receive via email or mailed catalogs, whenever you decide to buy something online you must google the purchase. 
Just now I was feeling inspired and checked Go Daddy for for availability. Who new blog could become famous and appreciated by all the major scholars of the world! Really! It could best be prepared. Well, was available and the cost was $11.99 for one year. I was excited, because that price seemed very reasonable for a website that starred my own last name, I would have gladly paid much more!
As I began the checkout process, I did the normal routine of opening another page and creating a google search for "godaddy promo codes." Wouldn't you know it, there were various options. Within moments, I learned that I could apply "PODFD412" in the promotion code section of checkout and receive a discounted price. is officially mine for the mere price of $7.49.
Everyone should google promo codes before any online purchase, because there are most often coupons or codes that allow for cheaper shopping. And, NOTHING is better than cheaper shopping.
Look forward to the full Everything Richardson website in the near future.

Monday, September 13, 2010


I do not profess to be an intellect or author of profound thoughts. In fact, I could be the exact opposite. I’m simply a girl trying to make it through each day with a smile on my face. In the quest for bigger smiles on a more frequent basis, I've tried to focus on the things that bring me happiness. I enjoy connecting people and I've realized that I love sharing information that benefits others. I think I have a knack for bringing people together and using that network to find out what is going on and spreading the word. Creating this blog is my way to reach a broader audience to share pieces of my life and link followers to events or things that might be of interest.
From real estate, restaurant hot spots, movie reviews and local events to charity, local government, fantasy sports and so much more...I have my fingers in every pot. Chances are likely that you could talk about a subject and I’d have some sort of input. (Yep, I can be that annoying person that always has their two cents to throw in the conversation…but I like to think I’m not obnoxious with my insight.)
At this very moment, I have decided to move forward with the inauguration of this site, because I have a lot to offer readers everywhere. (Just mostly to readers in Orange County, California...specifically Newport Beach.) Within my future posts, I plan to share some of the everyday occurrences that take place in my life. Within these unwritten vignettes, I promise to include the delectable details about my dining experiences, bargains that should not be missed, and many other sprinklings of glittering beauty throughout the local area. I plan to talk about anything and everything. Hence the name, “Everything Richardson.” My name is Alexandra Richardson and it is very nice to meet you!