Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Promo Codes

Can we take a moment to appreciate Google? I mean really!!!
I try to refrain from online shopping, but it is truly hard to avoid when there are so many online deals. Besides the promotions that you receive via email or mailed catalogs, whenever you decide to buy something online you must google the purchase. 
Just now I was feeling inspired and checked Go Daddy for www.everythingrichardson.com for availability. Who knows...my new blog could become famous and appreciated by all the major scholars of the world! Really! It could happen...one best be prepared. Well, www.everythingrichardson.com was available and the cost was $11.99 for one year. I was excited, because that price seemed very reasonable for a website that starred my own last name, I would have gladly paid much more!
As I began the checkout process, I did the normal routine of opening another page and creating a google search for "godaddy promo codes." Wouldn't you know it, there were various options. Within moments, I learned that I could apply "PODFD412" in the promotion code section of checkout and receive a discounted price. 
www.everythingrichardson.com is officially mine for the mere price of $7.49.
Everyone should google promo codes before any online purchase, because there are most often coupons or codes that allow for cheaper shopping. And, NOTHING is better than cheaper shopping.
Look forward to the full Everything Richardson website in the near future.

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