Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Floating Parties

The Christmas season is upon us. I know this, because I got my first invite for a Boat Parade party today!!! 
The Boat Parade is an annual tradition for the city of Newport Beach and the main symbol of the season. All locals know about it and many non-locals drive from miles away to see it. It really is a spectacular sight. Dozens upon dozens of boats get dressed up with strands of lights, sparkley décor and festive natives joyous to celebrate the holiday season. Vessel owners are sure to realize how many friends they have around Boat Parade time, because anyone and everyone flock to the floating parties on the bay.
In high school and college I always got stuck working at my parents restaurant on Balboa Island, Amelia’s Restaurant. The 5 nights of the Boat Parade were always extremely busy for the Island businesses. Once I got married, my husband and I would sometimes watch the parade from the bayfront of Balboa Island. Surprisingly enough, I’ve never actually watched the parade from the water! This year I will have 2 events to attend. The first is at a house on Lido. (This is the invitation that I just received.) It should be a great party. I actually leased the house to a client and I’m very excited for him to take full advantage of his waterfront views! The second party will be pretty awesome, too. A dear friend of mine owns a boat and keeps it docked at Bay Island. This is where the Boat Parade route begins. He isn’t actually entering is boat in the parade, but we will invite a lucky selection of common acquaintances, stock the galley with appetizers, good wines and cheerful spirits. Without leaving the dock we will have front row seats of all the action.

First thing first, turkey day is upon us. Come Black Friday, I will start sending out invitations of my own. I am just giddy thinking about my first Christmas season with Parade parties!

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