Monday, January 3, 2011

‘Twas the midst of the holidays and the Chargers just lost,
 The rain was coming down and there was a rainy layer of frost.
 It was much to my surprise that I made it into the theater,
 My heart felt instant warmth from the array of candy canes and glitter.

But really… it was a crumby day. The weather was cold and wet, I was running late and I couldn’t help from being in a drab mood. I should have known that my evening was going to change for the better when I pulled into the Grove of Anaheim and was fortunately directed to a premium parking space at no extra charge. Umbrella in hand, I quickly ran to the entrance and found my seat.

On this particular night, the Anaheim Ballet  was performing The Nutcracker, a heartwarming story of a little girl and her doll. Together, they live out her dreams that include graceful dancers, concerto masterpieces and seasonal decorations that tantalize all of the senses.

The lights dimmed and with the first strum from the symphony, the stage came to life and I felt warm inside. Really! My heart was filled with excitement and the child within me was sitting on the edge of her seat watching every detail move across the stage. Just before the intermission, I enjoyed what was going to become my favorite part of the performance. Slowly sneaking across the stage were dancers dressed as mice and then finally an oversized character that pranced around holding his hunk of cheese. What fun! The show included humor and the talent was incredible within this local company.

Not to be overlooked, the venue was an especially perfect fit for this act. The Grove headlines famous artists, cover bands, comedians, and some specialty plays. For an additional price, concert go-ers are able to include dinner with their ticket and settle in well before the crowds arrive. I remember years ago, I attended a New Years Eve concert and opted for the dinner package. The food was enjoyable and it was a memorable event.

Orange County has many venues, but few offer comfortable seating with the option to come early and be served. I’d highly recommend visitors and locals stop into the Grove for a performance; whether it be a musical act or something more thoughtful, like a ballet performance. My evening with The Nutcracker started off my holiday season on a high note and I’ll be sure to return again for more fun in the future.

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